Fresh | Local | Seasonal

We are passionate about connecting with our community through sustainably grown food. We started Free Folk Farm in Anderson, IN in 2018 on a small urban plot. We now grow on two sites located in the West Central District and North Anderson.

Find our produce seasonally at Anderson City Market or on www.marketwagon.com

Why buy food from Free Folk Farm?

Deliciously Fresh

Our produce is picked at peak ripeness. This means we sell flavorful food full of nutrition, and our customers often tell us they are impressed at how long our fresh produce lasts in the fridge!


Food is the great connector of people and culture. We would love to meet you at the farmers’ market, chat about delicious food prep, and provide you with ingredients for your next social gathering.

Local Economy

We are a small local business that cares about our community as much as you do! We also buy from local businesses as much as possible, so dollars spent with us stay in the community.

What our customers are saying:

“Love their products. The veggies are yummy and really fresh. Also very knowledgeable about food.”


“Great folks run it! They are committed to our community!”


“Best lettuce mix I’ve ever had. Support local businesses!”